Career Progress with AAT

LMS_MAN Registered Posts: 1
Is this the most active AAT forum there is because it seems very inactive considering how many are or have studied AAT?

Has anyone else found that trying to gain experience in the accounts/finance industry is very difficult unless you have a degree?
I have had countless failed interviews because of lack of experience and through pure determination, managed to achieve some work experience but it had very little to do with having AAT qualifications. More to do with volunteering in admin roles and getting to know people who then gave me a chance in accounting roles.

I find most businesses either want you to be a school leaver/very young student with appropriate A levels or have a degree preferably in accounts THEN they will train you up in AAT.

Has anyone else found this?
For anyone out there unsure of which way to go please go and get a degree before AAT. It will make your life so much easier.
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