Kaplan level 4 synoptic

Hi Guys

Anyone at Kaplan or any other college being told they can't sit the level 4 synoptic until September 18? I am level 3 qualified, starting level 4 this month (Sep 17) Kaplan are telling me I cannot sit for at least a year

A friend last year studied got through within 9 months all be it at BPP. Does anyone know why this is? Is it an AAT change or just Kaplan being shoddy




  • Loobyloo
    Loobyloo Registered Posts: 4
    I'm a Kaplan distance learner. I was never told anything like that. I just selected a date and booked my level 4 synoptic, no problem at all
  • LiamKHFC
    LiamKHFC Registered Posts: 2
    Perhaps it is because you can only sit the synoptic once you've sat all other core units. As exams are only ran every three months there might not be any sitting before September after you've sat the core units.
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