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Problem during my AVSY exam

I had just sat my AVSY exam this morning and everything was going fine until task 2 (excel section). I had just finished task 2.2 and when I tried to upload it, my computer crashed but the timer was still running. It was 20mins before the tech department could sort it out and I'm not even sure if it was uploaded correctly. With only 5 mins to go, I was told to continue as normal and this problem will be reported to AAT. I quickly completed the 1st part of the first question and tried to upload what I had finished when I ran into same problem again. But the time was up and I was sign out of the area automatically. Overall, they may only have task 2.1 to mark (and that was incomplete due to the fact that I couldn't understand what I was being asked!).

From reading this forum, I understand some people experienced similar problems but did you guys managed to pass your AVSY? I was assured by the Centre that everything will be reported back to AAT but I'm not sure how flexible they can be with only 1 task to mark from Excel section. If I had to resit, the centre said they will cover the cost, but I'm not going to find that out until November plus, I had to take 1 unpaid week off from work plus travelling expense to sit this exam. Ahhh, everything was going well until AVSY!!

At this point, I'll just be glad with a Pass!

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