Is AAT level 2 same as FA1 foundation?


Sorry if this is really amateurish to ask but im new to all this and accounting. As I had no experience before i decided to start right at bottom at level 1 so I did my qualification in bookkeeping and accounts. Plus computerised accounting.

So after that I wanted move onto to level 2 in aat but where I study have put me into a class to do FA1.

I just wanted to ask is aat level 2 kind of same as the FA1 or equalivalent in what I learn as im quite confused.

Any help will be really appreciated


  • stevesmiths
    stevesmiths Registered Posts: 25
    No in FA1 you will learn Types of business transactions and documentation, Duality of transactions and the double entry system, Payroll, Sales and credit transactions. wherein AAT level 2 Bookkeeping Transactions
    Bookkeeping Controls Elements of Costing, Using Accounting Software, Work Effectively in Finance.
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