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Can I get my results when my membership runs out?

I sat my synoptic exam on the 5th September but my membership runs out 1st October. I'm not planning on renewing and moving onto level 4. Would I still be able to access my results when they go live? Also when would the release date be for the results?


  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    I did the same - I emailed my tutor and asked her if she could pass on my result
    Not hopeful
    and ... not doing level 4 so for me it is all a bit academic

    Oh, can I like Mystic Meg write your future assessment ?

    Not yet competent ( =Fail - there is at least a 90% chance you will have failed on previous exams)
    You didnt answer 1.1-4 particularly well and in some places badly
    We made sure the costing question was impossible by the simple matter of examining stuff which wasnt in the course. No one had a chance of passing that one
    We are naturally disappointed you have failed to show competence again
    even tho we applied god knows what to makes sure those we thought should have passed , passed.
    The rest can burn in hell - we dont care
    With the very best wishes for the future - AAT operative
  • cmaitland95cmaitland95 Registered Posts: 5
    That's how I felt in the exam, I've checked every set of notes and nothing mentions some of the excel processes I had to do. Then best case scenario I have to pay £90 for a certificate.
  • janeWjaneW Registered Posts: 25
    Yes you will still be able to access your results even though your membership has expired. Also, I received a email advising results available to view online. Best of luck, hope you get the result you want
  • cmaitland95cmaitland95 Registered Posts: 5
    Thanks JaneW!
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    thanks as well Jane - still not hopeful
  • janeWjaneW Registered Posts: 25
    Very welcome, I really feel for everyone awaiting results, it is such a stressful time. I had sailed through the course up until the synoptic exam, I believe it is flawed in many ways. I actually found learning excel really interesting as it is something I have never used and completely new to me. BUT, as a person with no excel experience, it should of been a extra module within the course with a separate exam, due to the complex nature of the tasks and expectations from AAT.
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    // I really feel for everyone awaiting results, it is such a stressful time.//

    I am amazed no one sees the parallel with Schrodingers cat - the result letter being the box and the pass.fail notice being the cat ( dead or alive) - and the sense of l the state of the letter or cat - what is done is done and opening the box doesnt have an effect on the end result...


    Pity really that AAT didnt suddenly and without notice decide to test quantum physics as part of integrated cost management as I would have done much better than I did ! Oh Cruel cruel world !
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