Failed UACS


I've made a mess of my UACS for various reasons and am certain I have failed...

I've achieved the following results in the other modules:

Bookkeeping Transactions - 97%
Bookkeeping Controls - 98%
Elements of Costing - 94%

I have my Synoptic booked for 09.10.17.

I have two questions...

1) Can I still sit the Synoptic if I have failed the UACS?

2) I'm confident I'll pass the Synoptic somewhere between 95% - 100% giving me a weighted overall percentage without the UACS result of between 80% - 85%. Does that mean I pass Lvl 2 with merit or do I have to get over 70% on the UACS first?


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  • DannyT90
    DannyT90 AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    edited October 2017
    Why do you think you have failed the UACS exam?
  • 20201695
    20201695 Registered Posts: 1
    Please can i ask,is it possible to fail UACS When the balance as per bank and of a cashbook balances, reports produced correctly and uploaded accordingly..... are there other things that can make one fail
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