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I have spotted a discussion on Aweb this morning, regarding VT's decision not to pursue any more development on MTD. It's a real shame because for clients who have no interest in doing their own bookkeeping this is a cheap and cheerful software solution.
Now we have just under 18 months to move clients to a different package. :-(

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VT have decided to do no further development work on VT's bookkeeping package, VT Transaction+. The government plans that all VAT returns for businesses with a turnover over the VAT registration threshold must be submitted via MTD from April 2019. As a consequence, VT Transaction+ will no longer be suitable for these businesses.

P.S.: @AAT_Team I don't seem to be able to post in the Licensed member area?


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    We broke something- should be fixed now!
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    Longish thread about this on AWed from quite a few unhappy/worried users.

    I can only think they've been bought-out by one of the big boys rather than throwing in the towel altogether.

    I've never used it myself, and none of our clients do so i'm indifferent but I can see why so many are concerned.
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    We use it but identified it as not fit to continue with in respect of MTD. We have been moving away from it to Xero over the past year.

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    In our practice, VT+ is our primary software for bookkeeping and drawing up VAT returns and draft accounts, but it's pretty much for our eyes only; the clients rarely see any reports off it, and we never share VT files with them.

    I suppose we'll have to stop using it, but we're already seeing a growing trend in clients wanting online software anyway, so we're steering them towards QBO as often as possible (with a few on KF and a few more on Xero), and I guess we'll use them once VT+ becomes unusable with the advent of MTD...
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