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Where to start - Bookkeeping Business?

I am seriously considering starting a Bookkeeping Service as it's proving more difficult to get my desired job as I'm competing with the younger ones who are fully qualified. I have worked mainly in purchase ledger and accounts payable. Would I still be able to offer all services up-to trial balance? Over the years I have worked for large organisations and done tasks on a periodic basis to cover most areas of accounting but not as strongly as accounts payable and receivable. I have AAT level 3.

Can you make a reasonable amount of money offering services upto trial balance?

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  • PeterCPeterC Registered, Tutor Posts: 217
    You should be fine doing this. Are you studying level 4? If you do the tax papers this will increase your earning power.
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  • BusinessWomanBusinessWoman Registered Posts: 9
    Clintm15 - That's good to know other bookkeepers make money providing services upto trial balance. Thanks

    PeterC - I will eventually get onto level 4. So you think it's wise to study Business Tax? After completion wouldn't I need to work for 6 months in this area of tax before I offered any tax services?
  • PeterCPeterC Registered, Tutor Posts: 217
    I think it is wise to study Personal Tax and Business Tax. I'm not sure why you think you need to work for 6 months in tax. Bear in mind that accountancy is not a regulated occupation, anyone is allowed to do it!
  • BusinessWomanBusinessWoman Registered Posts: 9
    Ok thanks! I have only recently started using this forum and I'm sure I read you need 6 months work experience in the area you will be providing bookkeeping services to be able to get a licence and become MIP. Hence why I want to provide services upto Trial Balance to begin with as the vast of my work experience lies with accounts payable and receivable.
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