Payroll & CIS? - Teaching AAT to students?

As a new member to the forum I have noticed quite a few people have Payroll and CIS experience as well as bookkeeping. I have AAT level 3 and I'm wondering whether there is a module in some other qualification for both Payroll and CIS. I did CIS some years ago as an employee for a large company but to be honest, I can not remember much of it. Can someone please tell me where I can learn these to be able to offer services on a self-employed basis alongside my Bookkeeping experience too?

My 2nd question is about teaching AAT. I understand that I could only teach AAT level 2 as I only have level 3. I know I would need to complete a teaching course. Does anyone know the quickest route I can take? It would be interesting to know of others' experience too?


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