Need urgent advise please!!!

I've just finished AAT L4 but have no accounting work experience. I've been offered a part time self employed accounts assistant job, doing review of their bookkeeping, reconciliation, monthly accounts and end of year. It's a charity and there is no clear line management to report to, no senior accounting people and they want me to work for fixed monthly fee. I'm thinking this is a bit risky, any advice about whether to take it gratefully received. Thanks


  • Clintm15
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    How do you mean 'risky' exactly?
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    Have you checked your position with AAT first? If you are self employed offering bookkeeping or accountancy services you would have to be licensed with AAT, get professional indemnity insurance, register for Money Laundering.
    If you are not confident in your ability and you do not think you will get much support or guidance you may wish to build up your experience first - as a volunteer in a small charity for example, if charity is the sector you wish to work for.
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    I've checked with AAT and as far as I understand as an affiliate I wouldn't need to get a licence, but I would need seperate ML supervision etc and couldn't call myself an AAT bookkeeper. I wouldn't be able to get a licence because I don't have any experience. Good advice on volunteering, thanks.

    Clintm15- risky in the sense that I would be very exposed as there would be very limited support and taking the risk on the quality of their data entry. Their books are a mess at the moment and they don't really know what they want, so if I get the initial quote wrong I could end up working for nothing.
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    Thank you all for your help, this has really helped confirm what I already thought!
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