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Written Questions AQ16 Budgeting


Anyone got any advice on wirtten question i keep failng my exams on these alone and get exceeded in other parts.

Our tutor has left and college have been a nitemare so interested in anyone that can help and any tips are welcome.

This will be 3rd time i taken it and really worried.



  • Clintm15Clintm15 Well-Known FarehamRegistered Posts: 247
    Read the question carefully. Think about what the examiner wants and try to write about it. Not much more you can do to be honest.
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  • AlisonSwansonAlisonSwanson Registered, Tutor Posts: 209
    Read the e-learning module on written tasks that the AAT has recently posted in the Synoptic study support section
    Read the Examiner feedback recently posted in the Budgeting study support section.
    Practice writing extensive, detailed answers assuming that whoever you are writing to knows nothing about budgeting, even if you are asked to write to your manager and/ or briefly describe something.
    Make sure you relate your answers to the scenario.
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