Beginner - Need a bit of Advice :)

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Hey guys, was just browsing this forum and wanted to ask a little bit of advice.

A bit about me first - I am a 27 year old Recruitment Consultant (A job a really hate), looking to purse a career in accounting.

I have heard about AAT and briefly researched about the routes to accountancy and wanted to know a good route to go through.

I was thinking of registering at a college and starting to study the AAT in the hopes of completing it in around 2 years (I have alot of free time and very committed to study), and hopefully land an entry level job. However, after I looked through forums I saw that getting a job after doing the AAT is extremely difficult, especially if you don't have any accounting experience.

Hence, I just want to ask you guys from your personal experience, what the best way of pursing an accounting career? I have seen many apprenticeships and trainee roles and i do have 3 A levels at BBB, but I am worried by age might be a factor in the sense that employers would like to take in much younger candidates and train them on.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks )


  • mergen
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    Apprenticeships if you can afford it.

    Finance assistant, Accounts assistant, Volunteer on the weekends. Or get a job as a Credit Controller/Purchase Ledger and then shadow or volunteer within that company in Management Accounts.

    Don't let age stop you.
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    I personally went into a entry level accounts role, granted i was probably very lucky to get it. Then i went on to study level 2 at the same time.
    I'd advise getting started with level 2 then look. As you probably know yourself employers are more willing to give you a role if youre working towards something and its went very much in my favour that i funded and seeked the course myself.
    Hope that helps... Age is nothing! I began my studies mid 20's and im still completing level 4.
    Go for it :)
  • Learner102
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    Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

    I know age shouldn't be a factor, however some of these apprenticeships say the criteria - Age: 16 - 24. I know they don't all say it but me being 27 worries me in that I won't get an apprenticeship (ideally one with studying AAT on the side).

    Lets just say for example I get a job as a credit controller and do AAT on the side, when I finish the AAT do you think their will be a good chance I can land a good entry level job? I know everything is very uncertain, but if you were to make a calculated decision would the odds be in my favour.

    Many Thanks guys
  • absco14
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    Have you got any admin experience? I understand what you mean about the age criteria for apprenticeships. I'm just thinking you are obviously willing to be on a very low wage if you were to take an apprenticeship and sometimes admin in the finance department is a great foot in the door and usually pays around 18k.
    I think you have a good chance if you pass to get an entry level job, as with all jobs someone with more experience might pip you to the post but dedication, motivation and personality always count for the majority
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