Results - w/c 18/09


Just wondering if anyone has received their level 3 synoptic results from the window 18th - 22nd September yet?


  • JoJoMis
    JoJoMis Registered Posts: 50 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Next week! Can't wait
  • ileyh
    ileyh AATQB Posts: 8
    I get mine next Friday (3rd) - so the synoptic PDF calendar says anyway :) good luck everyone! This is my second try as I got 65% last time :(
  • Multiplicator
    Multiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    so far you have a 10% chance of passing
    so please let us know - and also post your colleges pass rates - they are all being a bit precious about it.
    failing may be a godsend- you cant do level 4 without a pass and if you access the level 4 thread
    it is full of people who have sailed thro the level 4 modules and then failed the last exam and are left high and dry with nowhere to go

    Mark Farrar - CEO of this shower assures us that the system is meant to work like this

    me ? I am off down the Nile with the money I would have spent on level 4 ( which I cant do anyway - facing a second retake of level 3 and thinking seriously of an evening at the theatre with the money instead ) I got 65% too so good luck !

    my class 2 out of 16 passed so far

    I hope they are telling the new starters this year the results are appalling - and 88% failure rate I would not say was a reasonable outcome for any money paid out - or else everyone can demand their money back under the Misrepresentaion Act when it All Goes Wrong in May '18

    It will not surprise the reader to know that I did very well on Q1 level 3 - Law and sthics but then it was downhill all the way after that.- erm to 65%

    Hey joke everyone to end with: when M Farrar assures us AAT is a good deal and something worthwhile - can we indict him under s.2 for the Fraud Act for issuing a false statement with intent to gain ?
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