Test new business banking apps, get £30

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Open banking will start to roll out next year - it means that rather than your existing bank having a monopoly on your data, you'll be able to share your financial data with third parties if you choose to. This opens the door to potentially vastly-improved banking experiences: from applying for credit, to having better visibility of your cashflow, to receiving recommendations of products based on your business's financial situation.

The Open Up Challenge is a contest run by Nesta with the aim of fuelling innovation in open banking. It features 20 top fintechs, and the participants in the challenge are testing their apps on real small businesses (and those who manage their finances).

If you'd be interested in testing the next generation of business banking apps, complete this short form to register your interest. Testing can be done remotely and those selected will receive a £30 Amazon voucher for their trouble.

(NB: On completion of the form you may be contacted by Mint Digital, who are conducting the app testing.)
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