help me someone

hi i'm danni i'm 20 years old and i work as an accounts assistant, i have been working there for two years now and i don't have any qualifications or anything. I feel like now i can't progress in my work i'm in just now and i can't go any further, so i am looking for a new job ATM. i would LOVE to be a financial controller one day, would it be possible to do this by getting my level 2,3&4 AAT then moving onto CIMA? whilst i'm still working in an accounts environment? if not, can someone please tell me the best way to go about it? x


  • Alicia84
    Alicia84 Registered Posts: 46
    Hi Danni, yes that's exactly the route you need to take, alternatively you can do ACCA after AAT level 4. Ideally, I would recommend staying working in an accounts environment if possible because as you become more qualified and suitable for better paid jobs, people will look more for experience as well as qualifications.
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