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Hi all, I'm after some advice/opinions of software options please!
I've just started a new position where I will be doing most of the accounts work but there are two others who work from other locations so we need to factor in this too. I have previously been using Sage 50 and have been happy with it's functionality and reporting etc. This company are using Sage One which I'm finding frustrating with it's lack of functionality. We also require a package where we can, in the future, import sales data (from a csv file or similar) to save admin work.
My new boss is conscious of the upcoming requirements from the government for digital accounts but my interpretation is that any computerised accounts package should cover this, the accountants had told them that they needed a cloud based system.
I've looked at Xero, Quickbooks and Sage 50c (using sage drive for the shared data), has anyone any experience of using any of these or any others I could look into?
Many thanks for your help! Claire


  • ClaireLL
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    I've only just started working with it Mick but my boss had been told that you can't import csv files into Sage One?
  • ClaireLL
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    Thank you!
  • burg
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    I know Sage One has gone through some major changes and has apparently improved but my god it was shocking on the two separate occasions I had the pain of using it. Data entry part is not too bad but exploring data, obtaining reports, correcting data and links between payroll and the main software were not fit for purpose.

    Sage Line 50 has it's place but Sage have stated as far as I am aware that they are holding off for now in developing it in respect of MTD. My feeling is it may die.

    Personally I'm an advocate of Xero. It works very well with lots of advance features and third party integration to automate the process. I've also heard QBO getting some very good reviews.

  • ClaireLL
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    Thanks Burg! Think it looks like Xero is coming out tops from everyone I'm speaking to!
  • gwenb
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    Have you checked Quickfile? It's free and cloud based. Quite straightforward and multi-user.
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