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I'm planning on studying for L4 through distance learning, for anyone who has also chosen this method of study which study books did you use and were they useful in your learning?


  • Alicia84
    Alicia84 Registered Posts: 46
    I did level 4 distance learning through Kaplan and found the books to be very good. Nice layout and easy to take in.
    Their online resources were really good as well.
  • JoJoMis
    JoJoMis Registered Posts: 50
    I'm doing distance learning with Kaplan books as well. You could teach a toddler with those book, so well written.
  • Sam97
    Sam97 Registered Posts: 19
    Thanks for your responses.

    Did you both buy the distance learning package or just the study materials? From what I can see the distance learning package as a whole is about 5 times the cost of buying the study materials for each topic?
  • Alicia84
    Alicia84 Registered Posts: 46
    I bought the distance learning package although I looked just getting the materials for CIMA through Kaplan as I couldn't see much difference. I called them and asked so the difference is you don't get the online practice exams and progress tests which to be fair I found very useful as they breakdown each question and show you exactly what you got right or wrong.
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