Level 2 Kaplan 2010 - 11?

martinf93 Registered Posts: 4
Hello everyone,

I have decided to take up AAT and learn the craft to have a better career for myself as stuck in dead end job blah blah blah (Like most people's storys right?)

Anyway ... a family member has kindly provided me with these books but as they are 2010 - 2011 I wasn't sure if I NEEDED to get up to date ones or whether the up to dates would just "help me more". I'm happy to buy new books but just didn't want to waste my money If not necessary. Also if I had any missing?

I have the following;

Kaplan 2010 - 2011

Basic Accounting I (BAI)
Basic Accounting II (BAII)
Basic Costing
Computerised Accounting
Working effectively in accounting and finance

Many thanks for reading and for help :)
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