Quickbooks vs Xero

I am currently trying to decide between prodimantely using Xero or Quickbooks and would appreciate anyone’s feedback/preference. A bit of background...I am a self employed bookkeeper currently building my business with mainly small clients at present. I am neither patient with technology or technologically minded! Software costs are incorporated into set monthly fees. Thanks.


  • burg
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    QBO is meant to be a good product. It has made good headway in the market and getting good reviews.
    Saying that we are a Xero practice. We started off with Clearbooks by selecting based on price. This was a mistake and we quite quickly changed to Xero. We also felt we needed to know one product inside out. We have a few on other software but our aim is to have a 100% Xero practice in the next 3 years.
    For us Xero works well as they have many third party app integrations to allow you to automate the process as much as possible and save time for higher charging work.
    Go take some trials of each and try processing some transactions and see how the software works.

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