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Apologies for posting here however the CIMA forums are pretty poor!

I have completed my AAT and have moved onto CIMA - I am due to sit my E1 exam next week.

I have studied through distance learning using the Kaplan study materials; has anyone studied using the Kaplan study books and if so can you tell me if the standard of questions in the actual exam is similar to the Kaplan Practise Exam question booklet?

Reason I am asking as I have used these for my studies (as well as question tutorial on Pearson Vue site) and feel confident in my ability to pass based on this however I have purchased the Astranti mock exams also which seem on a completely different level and much more in depth . Having done these I am now not so confident!

Anyone who has sat the CIMA E1 exam and used the Kaplan study materials? Are the questions of a similar standard in both?

Many thanks

Chris R


  • richf
    richf Registered Posts: 86 New contributor 🐸
    Hi Chris,

    Not tried Astranti mocks, but I would say the Kaplan questions for E1 are vaguely similar, perhaps a touch easier but not a million miles away.

    With F1 and P1 I'd say the Kaplan exam kit is actually harder than the real exam.

    Also try the BPP app for your phone. I paid about a fiver from memory to open up all questions but you get some sections free as a taster.

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