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Is aat worth it for a 16 year old?

I am currently studying AAT at level 2 this year and level 3 next year, however I don’t know if it’s the right path for me, as I want to be a chartered accountant. I’ve heard that aat isn’t that good and now I’m really confused on what path to take.

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  • mkizilboga93mkizilboga93 Registered Posts: 3
    Okay thank you, I was a little doubtful about aat and now it has gone
  • kontistokontisto Registered Posts: 15
    From my understanding, which is backed up by othjers here, AAT is pretty much the industry standard for beginner qualifications.You could jump to ACCA, but you'll have alot of knowledge gaps and working with AAT stuff, you can get a job as a bookkeeper/ accounts assistant, which will be useful experience for when you try and train and get a job to be an accountant!
  • mkizilboga93mkizilboga93 Registered Posts: 3
    Okay thank you,
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