Does ASYC exist as a unit?

Most sources state that the L4 synoptic is based on FSLC, MDCL & MABU. When I spoke to the AAT they said the synoptic is a rehash of the previous 3 units. But the PDSY Examiner Report 2017 states that: "the learning outcomes specified in ASYC are assessed in depth, whereas other unit learning outcomes are assessed in breadth". Then throughout the report it refers heavily to ASYC in most tasks. At the end of the report it says "there is strong evidence to suggest that many students are not aware that this assessment will focus heavily on the fourth contributing unit ASYC, which is only assessed through PDSY and not through a standalone unit assessment". So, clearly not just a rehash of 3 units. Is this why the L4 synoptic is proving such a pain in the neck - ie that its heavily based on a unit that is just lurking in the background? Where is the study material for ASYC? Kaplan dont publish textbooks for it - do the other publishers? There are AQ2013 textbooks called Internal Controls & Accounting Systems which seem to be the basis for the project, but nothing for AQ2016. It makes sense that the synoptic would examine elements that were in the project since the project no longer exists, but lets have the materials for it! The only study support on the AAT website for ASYC is an RLS. Surely there is a link between this 'unit black hole' & the PDSY results. Any information or suggestions gratefully received thank you.


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    You can buy a BPP Book Accounting Systems and Control - this covers the extra material you need for this assessment.
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