hi i'm danni am 20 years old.. i work as a finance assistant and have been for three years. i'm currently working towards aat level 2. i want to eventually do CIMA and be a financial controller after my Aat levels. what is the best way to do this? i'm
looking for a new job in a accounts/ finance environment as the job i am in just now i can't seem to progress, doesn't seem like i'm going any further. i think getting an accounts apprenticeship would be my best bet but i don't have any good school qualifications. every time i look for a new accounts job the job spec has more experience than i know. Like the discription on the job mentions something i have never done before? i want to learn more things. i have been for a couple interviews and everywhere says i need more experience. how do i go about doing this? how can i get experience if everywhere is asking for experience? xxx

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