AAT 2013 Deadline

Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
I have completed all the mandatory units; FS, FP and BDGT, and also one of the optional ones which is credit control, I need to resit my cash management exam on the 21st of November.
But if i was to fail this optional unit, Id have to transfer to AQ16 .
Would i still have to sit a synoptic test, even though I have passed all the mandatory units and submitted my ISYS report, because it is just this one optional unit exam that is holding me back from getting my qualification??


  • Vickixcx
    Vickixcx Registered Posts: 18
    Yes you would still have to complete the synoptic test if you have to transfer over to AQ2016 even if you have completed the other exams in AQ2013. I enquired about this also as I am waiting on exam resulst for my last exam.

    Hope this helps!

  • Sam13
    Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    :( i really didn't want to do the synoptic, heard loads of bad things!

    Hopefully well both pass by December! Fingers crossed :)
  • Vickixcx
    Vickixcx Registered Posts: 18
    Same, I really don't want to do it either!! Haven't heard anything postive about it at all!!

    An yeah hopefully we will, good luck! =)
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