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Level 3 PETH help

ASDjebASDjeb LondonRegistered Posts: 9

I am studying for my PETH exam, I'm doing the old 2013 syllabus.
any helpful tips?

im find on the situational side, but its this bodies and acronyms I'm struggling with.
I have 3 weeks till my exam and if I fail it ill likely have to transfer over to 2016 and really don't want to do that as this is my last exam!



  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 320
    With other exams practice questions are easier to do at home, but with the written ones it is easy to skip over and not complete them to the same level, but is worthwhile to check how much and what areas you need to brush up on.

    I wrote out like a mind map of all the areas, acronyms, legislation, safeguards etc.
    BPP book was okay if I remember. Have you searched earlier posts? A few have some comments
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    // if I fail it ill likely have to transfer over to 2016 and really don't want to do that //

    as one of many stuck in the 2016 endless retake cycle,
    No, you DEFINITELY do NOT want to do that - really really

    oh and good luck in your next exam, hoping you pass
    ( there must be a level in Dante's Divine Comedy where the souls such as myself are stuck - paying out and achieving nothing. - anyway I'm there!)
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