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Hi everyone,

I hope you don't mind me posting my query on here, i'm not AAT qualified but it is something i would love to study in the future.

Currently, i work for the family business and have done for the past six years. My main duties are admin and accounts. When i started working for the business, our external accountants who deal with submission for corp tax etc gave me an initial training session on how to use Sage software. After the few days of training, i was more or less on my own with it!

I post all business transactions, raise customer/supplier invoices, reconcile accounts each month, produce reports and submit VAT returns. I am quite confident in using Sage and feel that i grasped it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the business is closing due to the owner retiring and so i started to apply for other jobs. Optimistically, i applied for an Accounts Assistant role and was very shocked when i was invited for an interview! The job description features everything that i already do, but i guess it will be on a larger scale as i currently work for a small-medium business and the interview is at a larger company.

Does anyone have any advice regarding the interview? As i'm not a qualified accountant, i'm not 100% accurate with the lingo and my knowledge won't be as good as others who have worked in a more detailed accounts environment. I really enjoy dealing with accounts and it is something that i would love to develop into a career one day.

I know that i probably have the knowledge of working as an accounts assistant, but i think i'm having a bit of a confidence crisis!

Thank you,


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    Don't worry. The people who invited you for the interview already know about your weaknesses and still they picked you for the interview. Now its your time to shine.
    There are many competency based questions so explore this via google.
    The main think is to show that you are confident in what you are doing with 'can do' attitude.
    You might be asked about your strength and weakness... you know yourself!
    Find the company's statements through Company House and try to make some sensible comments about them.
    Their market, competitors, history, etc. Everything should be on their website.
    Believe in yourself.! if you don't, no-one else will. :)
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    Hi, I am a newbie to this forum, please pardon me if this isn't the right thread. I'm a Commerce graduate and did my Sage-50 certification in level 1 & 2 before going on maternity in 2012. I just would like to start over again pursuing a career in Sage product suite. Inline with current market requirements, may I have any inputs / guidance from this forum where I can start learning from. Thanks very much.
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    Thanks for advice!
  • patd
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    Hi Laks

    I am doing a course in Sage 50 basic intermediate and advanced
    And also accounting
    It is experience rather than book knowledge i would like
    I have a tutor one day a week
    So we will not get lost
    Please get in touch if interested


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