Premiere training anyone?

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I was wondering if anyone is or has been with premiere training and their thoughts and experiences with them. As I am aiming to start with them before the year is out. Also I have completed my level 2 and 3 in public college, so this would be my Level 4. I also wondered if others have transitioned from college to distance learning and how the change went.

Thanks to anyone that responds, just looking for abit of guidance.


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    I went from a local college for L2 and L3 to distance learning for L4 with Eagle Education. It was okay. I found in L3 that we were only getting a skimmed coverage in class of what was in the BPP learning materials so maybe wasn't getting as much out of it, apart from studying to a fixed exam timetable. At least in L2 the tutor was picking parts of modules to focus on with her own material which added value and telling us what chapters to study on our own. Most of the class were complacent or lazy, I think I was the only person who didn't have to do any resits and I don't consider myself bright, just put in enough time and had already read the work in advance.

    For L4 distance learning I had to decide and book when to take the exams, which was new and the first one felt a bit of a hurdle. I had a rough planned timetable but found I didn't work to it closely, more putting in a weekly plan of which parts of the module would take me along, and how much time to revise before I felt confident enough to set an exam date. After a couple I started to plan my weeks study in advance. I got into a routine where at least 4 days a week I would do around 3 hours after work, usually starting 1 while still at work, and another 2 when I got home (which is fairly close), the other days would do usually 1 or 2 hours (rarely Saturday though).

    Eagle use Osborne materials in addition to their own. This was fairly comprehensive for the mandatory Financial Statements, Financial Performance and Budgeting. I don't know how that will work out under the AQ2016 as there are some differences, and the synoptic which I assume they have some material on. They have an elearning environment, and my mentor was reachable, I only emailed though, apart from our initial conversation (my preference). I did ask a few times on areas I mixed up on topic assessments throughout a module, or practice assessments at the end. As part of my own revision thing I would buy recent copies of other books and it has been enough to get through all the exams.
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    Hi @Adele69

    Thankyou for your response, your college class sounds much like mine!

    Sounds like the main thing is time organisation and dedication. Do you mind me asking which optional units you chose and how you found them?
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    The optional modules were influenced by what was still available from Eagle in the transition period. Most of the Osborne books I used this year were actually AQ2016, just had to keep note of what wasn't included, and make sure the bits that got left out of AQ2016 but were still within AQ2013 were covered enough in their own study material (more of an issue in the mandatory modules).

    I initially planned to do both Personal and Business Tax modules, and only had to decide after completing the first 3 mandatory modules, but there were more changes in Personal Tax between 2013 and 2016 which would have made a difficult topic even more so opted for Credit Control instead, which proved I think to be the right choice.

    Of all the L4 modules I actually found Business Tax the easiest, certainly the only one I finished well ahead of the allotted time with enough to go through the questions again. Credit Control was also fairly easy and I finished with about 15 minutes to go back, though since I had taken a break to write most of my project part way through it wasn't the same study plan as the others and Eagle had no written study material on this one, it was fully self study since its almost all theory based/reasoned type questions.

    I also bought used BPP question banks for more revision from Amazon, which is less of an option for AQ2016 at least until next years are published.
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