Am I missing somethjng- 2013-16


I can’t find the thread now (typically) but I’m sure there was mention of having to resit PETH if level 4 2013 was not completed by 31st December 2017.

Have I read that completely wrong and got my wires crossed?

I completed level 3 2013 last week and thought I could move onto level 4 2016 without any resits. Is that the case or not?

Also, I was hoping to do level 4 without a training provider- is this possible? If not entirely possible, what do I need to do in terms of having hand marked exams marked etc?

Thank you :)


  • CSan89
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    If you have completed level 3 then you can go straight onto level 4. I did level 3 under 2013 and have completed level 4 under 2016 without having to resit level 3
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  • Kara
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    Thank you, that’s really good to know! Onto level 4!
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