Is it possible to request an alternative keyboard such as DVORAK instead of QWERTY in an assessment?

Saga Registered, AAT Student Posts: 4
I'm about to take my first synoptic exam in a few days; I can only touch type with a DVORAK layout. As I didn't really need to type anything other than numbers in the previous assessments, this hasn't really been an issue. I am much faster at typing in DVORAK, wondering if anyone else has experience of this? Would it be possible to ask the exam centre to set up a keyboard shortcut so I can switch between the two?

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  • mcchoc
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    I'd always go for the Yamaha keyboard myself. Reasonable quality at a fair price.
  • Saga
    Saga Registered, AAT Student Posts: 4
    Thanks @Adele69. I may just grasp the nettle and ask them. I suppose I was really wondering if anyone had already done this really.
    I just have a quick keyboard shortcut set up at home/work to flip between keyboards; obviously tricky at an exam centre of course. I’ve done all the practice assessments in DVORAK mode at home; good point, it could be tricky in the exam set up.
  • PolarisDyas
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    I really recommend getting used to QWERTY. You can train to type with both effectively (My speed: 126wpm dvorak 118 qwerty). The way I do it is only use QWERTY at home (so I can play games without having to remap my keys all the time) and DVORAK at work. I can now pretty much switch on command, and even mid sentence without any issue whatsoever.

    Do note, the exams are only a very small part of your career and the real problems will surface when your future employers refuse to let you use dvorak. I'm very lucky that my employer lets me use dvorak but if they need to check my computer for any reason all hell breaks loose.

    Kuods for using dvorak, you're the first person I've seen who actively uses it. It's such a dream to type on, I couldn't believe just how much better than qwerty it is!!!! I would NEVER switch back if I didn't have to and I think it's a real shame that it wasn't standardized when it came out.

    Best of luck, P
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