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Has anyone sat this this week yet?

Just wondered if anyone had sat this week yet, and if so how did you find it??


  • mergenmergen Just Joined Registered Posts: 105
    Been sitting since Monday, sorry couldn't help it and Mick beat me to it :)
  • Jules2016Jules2016 Registered Posts: 4
    very funny :3
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    edited December 2017
    I did synoptic exam but I find it difficult also , not enough time for spreadsheets . I am so worried because I didn’t finish my last task
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    yeah I did - more of the same really

    dont worry about not finishing - ( altho it is a bad sign in all normal exams but you will have realised by now that AAT exams arent .....normal) And they didnt tell you that when you paid - did they ?

    Anyway if is clear from previous posts that people who didnt finish ended up passing. Don't let it spoil your Christmas.

    I note your piece has been edited - so to prevent you giving us an unfair advantage in the exam - in my class pushing a 9% pass rate into the low double figures ( 11 or 12%) - forward AAT!

  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    I agree with you. I hope don’t need to do it again.Also, I don’t like to enroll for level 4
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    I failed for synoptic Level 3 today
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    So did I - third go -

    but hey ! AAT makes lots and lots of money out of this ! so Mark Farrar must be happy. Next AAT fee gathering exercise is Feb 2018, isnt it ? - Roll up, everybody and dont forget to PAY up!

    I can hardly wait ! 62 - 68 - 63 - some way to go - some money to pay. I wont bother to say what the modular scores were.

    What did Trump just say about Salvador ?
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    I am destroyed and I don’t like to enroll for level 4 because they are making the student deposition to make a lot of money
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    No, you should not enrol in Level 4 - if you do not pass the retake for level 3 - they will just pocket the money for your L4 course.

    Don't be destroyed - start revising for a retake Feb 2018. Revising is as for anything - you re-read the books again and re-do or practise the examples. You are not alone in this - keep on trying. I think you can also decide: "When I am in a controlling position, I will NOT treat learners like this."

    Keep your chin up and keep smiling - it looks very bad now
    but in the future you will be able to see it for what it is
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    I will try but I’m not sure if I can resit in February because I need to pay for my membership also for exam.
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    No you can take the exam without being a member (£50) - not surprisingly they demand the suckers pay up front
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    My membership will expire this February and aat told me I need renew first than I can resit my exam also the exam in my college (£60)
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