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Hi, due to some unfortunate unforseen circumstances, I am going to be doing PDSY in 4 days and I don't have the study books.

Can anyone recommend and free online materials I can use?

Also, I don't have a college or tutor so I can't ask them.
Guys, please refrain from the negative comments. Did financial statements in this time frame and didn't enjoy all the comments saying I would fail on a different forum.

Thanks in advance, hope to hear back soon (within 4 days hopefully :) )
Thank you guys so much

Edit: I'm not yet on AQ2016, but should be by Monday afternoon. So currently have no access to the study materials on AAT


  • harryx9
    harryx9 Registered Posts: 5
    Original Poster:
    Hi, got my result back today. I passed
    I know nobody replied, but if anyone reads this, don’t give up. Don’t give up when the odds are against you
  • MicciMarie
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    Hi Harry,

    I hope you are well and see this as i understand it is a few months after you too the exam, Ive got 7 weeks to practice for the exam and i see you did it in 4 days. Have you got any hints or tips that might help as i don't really know where to start.

    How did you find the exam, was it as you were expecting or took you by surprise ? Did you also have to study for the Accounting systems module or did you bypass it as i have heard this is influenced in the actual exam ?

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Thank you

  • harryx9
    harryx9 Registered Posts: 5
    Hopefully I can help.
    Given the time period, I re-read every end of chapter and word explaination.
    This exam tests your knowledge across the course, not just (the old) PETH.
    So don’t forget to read old stuff. Also, log into AAT, you will find (in the study resources) a document that explains where students spend the most/least time vs the best/worst scores. I think it states there are 2 sections that involve writing, and are often not given enough time. Review these notes. I did these exams first as according to ththe AAT report, the rest are (almost) easy marks. Also, AAT gives you the information for the case studies before you enter the exam, read this, understand it, memorise formula and outcomes for the case study you can use in the exam.

    Hopefully this makes sense (and helps)
    Any issues, let me know and I’ll help as much as I can (within AAT guidelines, without disclosing any details of the exam).

    I look forward to hearing from you! (And hearing your result!)

    Good Luck!

  • reader
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    Well done!

    Are you finished with AAT now?

    What are your plans?
  • MicciMarie
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    HI Harry,

    Thanks for replying. I didn't realise you replied so soon therefore sorry for the delay in replying!!

    What books did you use ? is this what you meant by end of every chapter? I'm on Avado and don't rate the books very much. I have had a good look through the AAT website and have seen the document you are referring too. I plan to go back to this. Was the exam similar to the practice ones online (if you can say as i am just having a look at the moment)

    I plan to go over the pre release material a lot so i am familiar with it. I want to try and get some of the ratios down and remembered as well so i am aware of these.

    Also, you mention only 2 questions are written ? i am to understand that 4 out of 6 are written question ?
    I think my biggest worry is the way i write things as i don't think my writing skills are particularly my best.

    Thanks for your help

  • harryx9
    harryx9 Registered Posts: 5
    Hi, so I buy the Bpp books
    And they have a chapter review at the end of each chapter. I read this for ever syllabus I did. As the synoptic is based of everything you studied. (I've never heard if Avado)

    I think the assessor's feedback document says that two if the questions are based on writing, and people generally spend too much time on the first writing, but the second one is the last question in the exam, so people usually give that too little time.
    Nothing says you have to do the exam in order, so I did the two writing ones first.
    When I read the assessors feedback, I'm sure it said only 2 where written based and the others where more ’mathsy’.

    There is no mention of the pre-release info in my study books, so I assume reviewing it is non-crucial, however somewhat beneficial. (sorry for the vague approach, we obviously cannot discuss what was in the actual exam)

    My writing is terrible too, but when I was reading the assessors info, I realised they were asking for proof of basic accounts knowledge, so if something said £80 sales price and £50 cost, I would write the profit (£30), the margin (62.5%), the markup (60%). And try to cram as many figures in as possible! (whether this actually works I don't know, but it made me use figures rather than vaguely comment around the outcome)

    Hopefully, that's helpful. I receive email notifications so will try to reply ASAP if you reply.

    Again, going to have to be vague as I can't say what was actually in the exam, but the practice papers are designed to be as close to the real thing they could substitute it. So, they are similar.

    Hope that helps, shout if you need anything :)

    Hi reader, sorry, didn't see your comment. After completing that I had a financial year end, and as a management accountant lots of auditor queries, followed by assisting in a demerger and multiple resignations. So I have been unable to complete my final exam in the last 3 months. I personal tax now. I am going to start studying this weekend and hope to complete it by the end of the month.
    I plan to move onto ACCA straight after. Hope all is well with your studies
  • MicciMarie
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    Hi Harry,

    You have helped yes. I tend to go over the questions first as i have been stiffed before by not checking the questions and getting stuck. Fingers crossed !!

    I may come back to you if i get stuck at any point.

    Just out of curiosity when you did it in 4 days was that continuous or did you have to consider work commitments ? I'm daft and from my 1st message i had 7 weeks. now I have less than 3 and have barely picked up the book !!
    Thank you

  • harryx9
    harryx9 Registered Posts: 5

    I know I am too late now. I work 9-5 every weekday.
    I hope it went well, was rooting for you :)
    I have just got home from sitting (hopefully) my final exam

    Good luck on your AAT Journey!
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