Advice for L4 Synoptic

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Hi! I'm taking my L4 Synoptic this week. I've gone through all the mock exams available to me and feel like there is not much for me to study. I've taken all 5 assessments for this level in the past 2 months and everything is still very fresh in my head.
How have you guys studied for this exam? Those in college have probably been discussing different scenarios but how would you learn by yourself? This synoptic seems to be testing our ability to read through the questions very carefully rather than the actual knowledge we have obtained.
Any advice would be much appreciated!


  • hal978
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    I've also got the Synoptic exam this week.
    I buy books and Practice quesions from there - and there are plenty, such as from BPP, Osborne and Kaplan.
    It's also a good idea to read the pre-release material if you have not already done so (for the live assessment).
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