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Would it be really worth studying AAT foundation course?

RamRam Registered Posts: 1

I am 31 and working as an office manager. I would like to extend my carrier so I decided to stay an accounting.

As I only have a very small experience in accounting so I thought AAT is a good answer to start – I was going to study AAT level 3(advanced) but one of advisors at BPP said that it would be better if I take Level 2 – bookkeeping course first which are Bookkeeping transactions and control.

I am a bit regret that I should just have started Level 3 as it feels like I am wasting money and time. Now I am thinking maybe I should finish Level 2 as I have already started and it is not too hard and go to ACCA course.

To be honest I would like to start ACCA now but I have already paid for AAT membership and 1 course which I just finished – maybe I should finish Level 2 …….

Can anyone please kindly advise me what is the best for me to do? Keep studying AAT Level 2 and go to ACCA course or just go to AAT level 3 and ACCA course?

Does AAT level 2 really mean something in a real field? I am not so sure …….



  • Clintm15Clintm15 Well-Known FarehamRegistered Posts: 247
    Hi Ram,

    No easy answer to this. I would only say that AAT is a nice bridge to ACCA. You could start ACCA immediately if you already know enough of the basics.

    Same logic applies to level 2 or level 3 question. How much do you already know?
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