Query on Company Accounts?

I know this is a long shot but I will try anyway.
Long story short I had an accountant who filed my limited company accounts for me for a one off fee each year with no problems. Tax year 15-16 come to sort out filing and the accountant out of the blue wants three times as much for doing the work. My wife had been ill and needed care so I was not working very much at all and just could not afford the amount he was asking, so I was left with no choice but to file myself, which I did.
However fast forward to now and a letter pops through the door from Companies house saying there is a query about the company accounts for period ending Sept 2016.
*The balance sheet does not appear to balance as the Total Net Assets/Liabilities tootal does not equal the Total Shareholder Funds Total.
*The Share Capital has been omitted from the balance sheet. As the company has filed under the small companies regime, the share capital should be entered.
As my wife is still no better and needing care I do not have funds available to pay someone to help me resolve this. I have phoned companies house saying I cannot find anywhere on HMRC online filing within revision to enter the share capital and they said they can see I have one share with value of £1 from other information on file but the lady I spoke to said it has been put under Members Fund not Shareholders Fund?? I dont know what I have put wrong or how I can resolve it Can anybody point me in the right direction. The lady also stated I must send a paper copy through, can I just print everything from the revision submission on HMRC online.
Thank you in advance for any help I can get.


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