I am looking to buy AAT used Osborne level 4 latest books 2017, please

Anyone has used AAT books please and willing to sell them to me, please. I just need to refresh my old AAT knowledge.


  • Sue73
    Sue73 Registered Posts: 11
    I have the level 2 and 3 sets but the 2013 syllabus.
    I have the full set of the level 4 most recent edition which is the 2016 syllabus.
    If you're still looking I can give you more details.
  • mamadama
    mamadama Registered Posts: 8
    Hello Sue73,

    I really appreciate you getting back to me regarding the books you had available. I apologise for wasting your time. However I was new to the forum so I didn't check your reply soon enough and as a result, I ended up buying brand new books from AAT.

    Many Thanks
  • Elisabeth2013
    Elisabeth2013 Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    Hi Sue, do you still have level 4 books?
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