AAT licence reduced fees

I'm in the process of applying for the "AAT licensed accountant" and I see there are two possible fees:
£279 - full fees
£177 - reduced fees (for gross income less than £7000)
I presume the £7000 is calculated for the 12 months starting to when the license is awarded, is that correct?

As this will be my first year in practice, I don't really know how it will go so it might make sense to be cautious and go for the reduced fees. However, what if business is booming & 6-9 months down the line I find that I've reached the £7000 income threshold? Would a phone call to AAT put that right somehow or is it better to just go for the full fees right from the beginning?

PS. I currently have one client (with 1 company & 2 partnerships) that will bring some £4.5k per year.


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    This may be a question for @AAT_Team?
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