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Level 3 Synoptic assessment

I failed twice so far.its so stressing to flick between screens to try to read the question and requirements of the question and going back to the main screen to put your answers. i took my first synoptic assessment ( Advance/ level 3) in May 2017 had a huge technical issues even i managed to do 2 of the question i couldn't upload my answers to AAT site so i failed my first exam , AAT agreed to pay all the cost for my second exam and given a £50.00 compensation for my troubles.Than i received a letter from AAT stating that all the technical issues resolved and they done some changes to improve the assessment, Anyway I was happy that they improved it i had to re book an re revise my exam, my second exam booked in September 17 and failed again. There was no improvement to the assessment other than they put the timer on the front screen. i wish we could have the questions as a hard copy printed so we dont have to flick between screens as its very time consuming and also plays a negative effect on concentration. Also whole exam is 3 hours its too long it should be a break in between or it should done two separate exams. I am hopping AAT will listen to students and find a way to improve the way they are doing their assessment, as their assessment does not measure my knowledge all i was doing on that exam battling with technical issues and competing against time to read and fit everything in one excel sheet.
I will not book my exam until AAT listen to the students and make some changes to current assessment technic.
Also i would like to find out is anyone knows that my failed first exam result effected my second exam result or not?


  • JF00025JF00025 Registered Posts: 14
    Hello I took Synoptic Assessment on last November. Every thing is the same but this time I managed to complete the exam but still failed. I have no idea how I failed and the feedback given to us is extremely pointless. I have made the biggest mistake of my life by studying for AAT. They are only after money. They don't care how people's dreams are being crushed. I guess at the end of the day the important thing is to get a job in accountancy. Most of the recruiters look for someone with experience. All these hard works is pointless. The only reason I took resit the second time , just to get done and over with it. I really don't know what to do really in case they fail me again.
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    //I will not book my exam until AAT listen to the students and make some changes to current assessment technic//

    you may be waiting a long time. Mark Farrar the CEO of AAT has repeatedly said that the new system 'is meant to work like that'

    Go on studying - .go on revising and go on retakingletelyletely
    and yes AAT has completely done you over but that is not the important thing right now - it is getting the exam and perhaps THEN changing course
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