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Hi All, just a quick question... I am about to retake my Sage exam and I am afraid that I will fail again!
On the AAT website, where you can find Mock exams, you are asked to set up a business with the start date for example, on the 1st of June but when asked to create opening balances on the 1st of June, you are not able to do so as the system allows you to use only 31st of May...I believe because of that, all my opening balances were dated 31st of May and when asked to create Creditor Activity report for June only, I wasn't able to proof that I've done the task with creating opening balances.

To be honest, I cant really understand why I failed my exam if not because of that. All tasks seem simple but somehow I am more confused than ever.

One more thing, when you are asked to process petty cash vouchers you need to do that in Cash account not in the Bank. Am I right? I had that bit incorrect for some reason to...

Thanks for your help!


  • reader
    reader MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,037
    I did my Sage AAT exam back in 2009 so I won't be of much help. However you are correct, you would process petty cash transactions via the cash account in Sage. If you processed petty cash via the bank account the bank account will never reconcile and it may result in the bank account in Sage going overdrawn (when in reality there is really money in the account).
  • paige_learner
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    I found this whilst doing my mocks, I'm a bit worried as my exam is tomorrow and I'm not sure if this will lose me marks, other than little details like that I seem to be doing everything else right. I've emailed my tutor and hopefully he can shed light on it.
  • Sally_K
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    Hi I have the same question about the activity report. Shall the opening balance be included in the report? I am wondering if you have got any answers. Thanks! :)
  • CShut
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    Hi Mekelele
    How did your re-take go? I have my exam on Wednesday and i am also concerned about the date of the opening balance being incorrect?
    Thanks Claire
  • Mekelele
    Mekelele Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Claire, I got 99% this time! The opening balance will be always the day before so remember to do all the reports from for example 31st of May to 30th of June :-)
  • CShut
    CShut Registered Posts: 2
    That’s excellent , well done!! And thank you :-)
  • mehul_1810
    mehul_1810 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 5
    can anyone one help me for using accounting software for level 2 which software and whrere to i am self study student
  • Jevlar
    Jevlar Registered, AAT Student Posts: 1

    can anyone one help me for using accounting software for level 2 which software and whrere to i am self study student

    I'm right there with you. I've just taken the AAT Level 2 Synoptic (having taken all the other units already) and want to move on to the Accounting Software Unit. but am a self-study student. I have paid for the SAGE unit via e-careers, but when I attempt to go on the SAGE site it seems I can't self-enrol on any course.

    I've contacted my provider but if anyone here can help shed any light on this at all that would be great.

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