Best route into accounting for me?

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Hi guys.

I am looking into changing careers and begining a career in finance / accounting.

About me:
I am 23 years old.
For the past 2 years I have run a successful personal training business, self employed.
In the past I have studied computing to diploma level and sports science to foundation degree.
Very career focused person, actually enjoy working lots of hours and dedicating myself in my career.
Previously professional boxer winning nearly all of 40 fights but had to stop due to injuries.
I am very competitive and extremely hard working once I set a goal to myself that is important to me and work single Mindly towards it forgetting other things.

Why the change?
I currently feel complacent with my current line of work. Over the last 2 years I have built my business to the point I am fully booked up and earning good money but from here there is no where to progress (unless became a gym owner etc but doesn't appeal to me).

I like to always be challenged at work and work hard and really feel like I'm having to think and use my brain. At the moment I feel like I can do everything I do on auto pilot and although it's successful I want to have to think.

Why finance?

Always been very interested in money. Researching finance related things very often in my free time between work.

Began investing into index funds etc at age 18 and loved learning about the market and how to invest etc. Once something interest will spend all my free time reading and listening podcasts and really obsessing over topic.

I often am doing calculations in my free time and very into my own personal finance and being as smart as possible with that.

Wondering what people's thoughts are whether this seems like a good idea?

What is the most effective route to get into the industry.

From what I understand beguinnng with the AAT course and then moving onto ACA seems like a good route.

Should I look for a AAT trainee job whilst studying online to gain work experience at same time or continue personal training as I study online?

I basically want to commit 100% and climb the ladder as fast as possible. I love that there is ladder to climb in clear route upwards with promotions etc.

Currently I am thinking to find an AAT trainee job and get through the AAT 4 levels quickly whilst working. Reading accounting books during free time and audio books on commutes etc.

Would love to know your guys thoughts.
Much appreciated


  • RebekahB
    RebekahB AAT Student Posts: 35
    Hi there,
    Wow it sounds like your an amazingly driven person so I’m sure whatever you put your mind to you will get there as long as it’s something you want.
    Yes I would suggest going and getting a training job while your doing it, some employees will even pay for your courses which is a huge added bonus lol
    Have you had a look around your area and seen what last available etc?
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