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Exam results date

Does anybody know if Christmas caused the delay in the result dates? I sat my MDCL exam on 8th December, and not sure anymore if the results will be back within 5 weeks, or maximum up to 6 weeks after that date, or a bit longer due to Christmas break?


  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 548
    Hi Adam, the only results effected were those that were due for release over the office closure period. You can expect to receive yours as normal (up to 6 weeks). Good luck!
  • Em_03Em_03 Registered Posts: 3
    I sat my sage exam on the 20th november. 6 weeks meant that I would of got my results new years day. Just wondering when the results will come through?
  • Adam144Adam144 Registered Posts: 28
    I think for you the results will come through tomorrow.
  • Em_03Em_03 Registered Posts: 3
    still nothing ☹
  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    Im waiting for mine too! :(
  • jw4jw4 Registered Posts: 3
    I've just had the most frustrating call with aat!I sat my exam on 28 Nov and was expecting mw results today as per the chart that's been circulated on here. Apparently that's not the case and it will be next week. When did you all sit your exams?
  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13

    I sat my exam on the 21st of November, I also rang AAT but Ive been told they will be either released today or tomorrow.

    But yours are probably getting released next week because you sat yours a week later than mine and with them being closed because of Christmas, there are delays

    Good luck
  • JessicaKeyseJessicaKeyse Registered Posts: 3
    I sat my FSLC exam on Thurs 23rd Nov so it was 6 weeks ago today... I've been checking every half an hour but nothing yet!! :-(
  • Sam13Sam13 Registered Posts: 13
    So frustrating, this is my last exam result and I'm finished, passed everything else!
  • JessicaKeyseJessicaKeyse Registered Posts: 3
    I appreciate your frustration! I'm waiting to start my Synoptic and only have six weeks to study it all until my exam. If I have failed this one then it ruins my 2018 plans as the next Synoptic I can sit isn't until June (I'm on holiday for the April sitting). So I'd like to know now if I need to rearrange my Synoptic exam and sit one of the optional units instead so I don't waste too much time!
  • Adam144Adam144 Registered Posts: 28
    I sat my exam on 8th Dec, so I think the results won't be back until 19th Jan due to Christmas.. They would normally be back within 5 weeks, but I dont think it will happen this time due to Christmas...
  • Em_03Em_03 Registered Posts: 3
    I've just got my results
  • JessicaKeyseJessicaKeyse Registered Posts: 3
    I've just got mine too - thankfully I passed with 91%! =)
  • Adam144Adam144 Registered Posts: 28
    Congratulations to you both then !
  • jw4jw4 Registered Posts: 3
    AAT got it wrong for me, and mine did come out today after all. So if you sat near the 28th, you should receive them today
  • Adam144Adam144 Registered Posts: 28
    Any results due today? Has anybody got the results back today? If so, when did you have your exam?
  • Adam144Adam144 Registered Posts: 28
    Just got my results.. Failed MDCL again with 68% ... The first attempt I had 67%, second attempt 68% and now again 68% ... I am never going to have this one done... The most frustrating thing is that I passed all the other exams, apart from that one, and I lost all the hopes for passing it.. I consider moving straight onto ACCA and leaving AAT behind, because it's 1) A waste of money, 2) pointless..
  • jw4jw4 Registered Posts: 3
    Sorry to hear that Adam, I found that exam the hardest of all of them. But don't give up, you only have this one to pass and you'll be all finished. Keep at it and good luck
  • Greigc123Greigc123 Registered Posts: 10
    edited January 2018
    Got my results yesterday, passed with 91 percent! Really happy wasn't expecting that! Onto the synoptic now, get that passed and then I'm qualified :3

    Well done everyone who passed, those who failed sorry to hear but keep persisting you will overcome it.
  • GMS1992GMS1992 Registered Posts: 27
    It's great to see people passing this one.
    Can I ask how hard you found it compared to mocks?

    It's nice to get the view of people who have passed.
  • dee21dee21 Registered Posts: 12
    I have finally passed MDCL today with 79% on my third attempt. Struggled with motivation but eventually re booked it and purchased the Kaplan Management Accounting Decision and Control Exam kit and I have to say it was a great help as I have the BPP books and they were no help!
  • badger636badger636 Registered Posts: 12
    If you haven't already seen this post and are struggling with MDCL like I have, this is well worth a read!!!

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