Level 4 advice

Hello :)

I was hoping for some advice,

I am about to start Level 4 AAT. I completed Level 2 & 3 in 2011 and have only been working in an accounting role for the last 4 months (was living in Aus for 6 years)
I am basically going to have to reteach myself areas of the previous levels before i start. I have purchased some level 3 books to start revising.
What topics are must knows that i should be focusing on? Baring in mind I am a complete novice! I will be starting with Financial statements...

Any help would be appreciated, i really feel like I'm starting from scratch!



  • Vader
    Vader Registered Posts: 15

    I started Lv 4 in September and have studied the Budgeting/Decision & Control modules. I would suggest reading up on the Costs & Revenues (lv 3) book as a lot of the information is connected to those two modules.

    Unfortunatlely I can't advise on Financial statements, I'll be studying that in a couple of months.

    Good luck with your studies.
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