Advise me plz

Greetings every one
I need some advice please
I'm doing advanced Diploma in Accounting LVL3, Also doing Maths GCSE and English LVL2 as well
the thing is that I find it too hard for me to go on with the 3 courses. So I'm thinking of giving up on Maths GCSE at least for now, and I might study it next year. But I am worried that I will regret it if I do not finish it this year.
Advise me plz...
Is GCSE Maths essential for my future career?


  • Vader
    Vader Registered Posts: 15
    I would suggest getting GCSE Maths, as many jobs still seem to ask for a minimum of GCSE Maths/English.
  • Najlaa
    Najlaa Registered Posts: 10
    thank you so much Vader for ur reply. I was doing Higher Maths but I decided that I am going to do the foundation for now, and if I need the higher maths ill go for it later. Maybe next year.
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