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Decisions and Control Appeal

I got 69% just wondering if an appeal or a resit is the best?


  • mergenmergen Just Joined Registered Posts: 110
    I got 68% appealed and still got the same mark but got a breakdown of each section on how I did.
  • sam992009sam992009 Registered Posts: 40
    So it isn't worth it?
  • mergenmergen Just Joined Registered Posts: 110
    In all honesty I don't know, because they might come back and award you with an extra 1%.
    At that time I asked my tutor and she advised me against it. But I did it anyway to get a breakdown of each section.

    ps the way I go about things is, I would rather try instead of thinking what if.
  • absco14absco14 Registered Posts: 34
    I have been told by my learning provider if your exam is borderline i.e 69%, 70% or 71% it gets reviewed by a second examiner to ensure that it is the correct mark before being given to ourselves. Therefore it is highly unlikely apparently that the result will even change if you appeal it with the AAT
    Im not sure how much of this is fact however it does make sense
  • sam992009sam992009 Registered Posts: 40
    oh.. guessing ive paid £32 for nothing ..
  • absco14absco14 Registered Posts: 34
    The plus side is you'll get more feedback than normal so it will come in useful should they decide the keep your mark as it is (fingers crossed they increase it though! :) )
    Good luck
  • sam992009sam992009 Registered Posts: 40
    thank you!
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