worth getting a remark?

I got my result today and failed by 1%.. debating getting this remarked or just booking a resit. I wondered if anyone had a similar experience or paid for a remark with a positive outcome?

Any advice welcome :)



  • JF00025
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    I got 67%. This was second time for me. I was thinking about the same thing. I did not expect this result either, I felt my exam went well. Many people are saying AAT didn't change the mark. Personally I think people who scored so close to the pass mark, should have their mark bumped up to pass. I know one person who scored 69% was eventually passed. But by that time she already paid for a resit. Do let me know if you are going to appeal and the outcome. And I wish you all the best
  • CSan89
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    @JF00025 I don't think 'bumping up' peoples marks is a fair way to deliver a qualification. If you believe that then AAT should just give the qualification out and not do exams. (Although MAAT would not be worth anything in that case)

    @IzzyOzzy If you don't mind paying £32 to have it remarked then I would say go for it. However, on other threads, a lot of people have not had their marks changed so don't be disappointed if it does not. I had a similar issue with the level 4 synoptic (67% first attempt) and then passed 2nd time (79%). I would personally say in my experience, rather than spending the effort on an appeal, spend that time on revising for the exam again. :smile:
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  • Tamara89
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    I appealed and remained at 69% I'm devastated!
  • IzzyOzzy
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    Thanks for all your help everyone. I ended up biting the bullet and booking a resit as I thought I will likely have to do this anyway and may as well just save time and money and book it now
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