Can someone please explain to me how Activity Based Costing works and how to calculate it?

i wrote my exam in November on Management Accounting:Costing and got 67% on it and i want to re-write it on the 17th of January
i got:
Exceeded-Task 1
Significantly below-Task 2
Significantly below-Task 3
Exceeded-Task 4
Significantly below-Task 5
Exceeded-Task 6
Met-Task 7
Met-Task 8
Borderline-Task 9
Met-Task 10
i had a question in task 5 which is about Overhead recovery and it wanted me to do some calculations on Activity Based Costing but i have never come across the calculations.i tried to have a look on the tutorial but still couldn't get it.can someone please explain it to me with an example on how to calculate it.

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