Career path/salary confusion

stu678 Registered Posts: 6
Hello everyone, I'm currently studying level 2, I'm 26 and currently working full time in an unrelated industry looking at a career change into accountancy.

I'm just a bit confused on the jobs/roles I should be looking to apply for at certain stages of AAT and beyond, plus the sort of salary expectations.

I was under the impression for a while that I could be earning 30k by the time I'm 30 if I say picked up an accounts assistant role paying perhaps 17k in the next few months. This all now seems highly unlikely after some proper research, I mean, it looks as though I should only be expecting to earn around 20-22k once I've completed level 4?! Which will take me 2 half years as I'm only able to study part time...

Essentially I'm just looking for more of a realistic insight into what is actually achievable at each level of your accountancy qualifications/career

Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)
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