Retaining paper records (Order Forms for sales as received from customers)

Hi, I'm just looking for some advice on retaining paper records.

I work for a mail order company and we have hundreds of order forms returned to us from our customers each day (These are originally supplied in our catalogue) These order forms are collated and processed as a sale on a daily basis, with a sales invoice produced on our accounting system and then receipted against the payments received in the bank. My question is, how long do we have to keep the original order forms for? As we print out and keep the sales invoice, would this mean that the original order forms are surplus to requirements? It would be handy as we are running out of space!

Thanks in advance,



  • mskaat
    mskaat Regular Greater LondonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 53
    Give me the contract to keep digital copies for you. You can then destroy the originals.
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