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I have recently passed level 3 and am looking into my options with regards to doing level 4. Last year I did level 3 via distant learning (Kaplan) but did not need much of the support on offer so felt I did not really get my moneys worth, so was considering going down the self study route (buy the books and sitting the exams at my local kaplan centre). I was wondering first of all is this possible with Kaplan and AQ2016 to do it this way ? Also looking at the AAT website I was slightly confused as it says five units assessments (two optional and three compulsory) but six are listed (is accounting systems and controls part of the synoptic?). Lastly I intend to study in this order:

Management accounts budgeting
management accounts decision and control
Financial statement of ltd companies
accounting systems and control
Synoptic exam
Then the 2 optional modules.

what is the suggested period for completing each one of the modules listed above.




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    I would checkout that as an option as fairly sure Kaplan will only allow students signed up with them, either by Classroom or Distance Learning to sit exams with them. Might be an exception in London but know that is the case in Cambridge. Same for First Intuition.
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    It is definitely an exception in London as I book my exams with Kaplan Islington and I don't study with them.
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    As a self study student you can sit at any one of the external exam centres listed here:
    AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition
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    I am thinking about buying books and self studying level 2. My only concern is how I would cover the use of accounting software element? Any thoughts? thanks
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    If you want any guidance related AAT you can go with wallstreetmojo and ACAMASTERS
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