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I have recently passed level 3 and am looking into my options with regards to doing level 4. Last year I did level 3 via distant learning (Kaplan) but did not need much of the support on offer so felt I did not really get my moneys worth, so was considering going down the self study route (buy the books and sitting the exams at my local kaplan centre). I was wondering first of all is this possible with Kaplan and AQ2016 to do it this way ? Also looking at the AAT website I was slightly confused as it says five units assessments (two optional and three compulsory) but six are listed (is accounting systems and controls part of the synoptic?). Lastly I intend to study in this order:

Management accounts budgeting
management accounts decision and control
Financial statement of ltd companies
accounting systems and control
Synoptic exam
Then the 2 optional modules.

what is the suggested period for completing each one of the modules listed above.




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