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Waiting on exam results?

Anyone else waiting on exam results? How do you feel you did?

I took financial statements on the 03/01 and feel quite confident. I know it’ll be my written side that’ll let me know, but I read the examiners report the day before and they had some great advice- I was making very similar mistakes to lots of others for the written elements and they and spent the day practicing written answers under their guidance.

Wouldn’t it be great if AAT could give feedback based off your computer marked element within 24 hours so you could have a rough idea of whether you passed and failed and continue to study further or move onto the next exam?


  • JoJoMisJoJoMis Registered Posts: 50
    Oh, I'm absolutely dying here, waiting for my synoptic results. I do understand completely why it takes so long but I am waaay to eager to know the results the second I finish my test. I know exactly when the results come out (five weeks on Thursday for assessments and 6 weeks on Friday for Synoptic) but I can not stop checking 5 times a day. I guess it'll teach us to be more patient..
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    I thought the general assessments were within 6 weeks rather than 6 weeks after a specified period! Bugger, do you know the date mine will come out if I took it on the third?

    Do you mind me asking what order you did exams in? I was thinking of completing the two management accounting exams followed by the synoptic then my optimal modules, or does synoptic haveto be done right at the end?
  • JoJoMisJoJoMis Registered Posts: 50
    You'll get the results on the 8th Feb then. I did the management accounting ones first, followed by financial statements, then 2 tax ones and synoptic as the last one. I timed it all according to the synoptic window. You don't have to have done the other assessments before you do your synoptic though, up to you.
  • KaraKara Registered Posts: 35
    I got the result today- 92% woohoo!

    How did you do have you had the results yet? How did you figure out when mine was due? When I look online it just says ‘within 6 weeks’ but you were bang on with mine!
  • JoJoMisJoJoMis Registered Posts: 50
    @Kara Wow, that is incredible! Keep up the good work!! I've got all my results now- passed everything with high marks but unfortunately failed the synoptic, taking it again next week.
    It's actually quite easy to know when the results come in (especially if you've taken 16 exams in 7 months..). The assessments are always 5 weeks on Thursday and synoptics are always 6 weeks on Friday. No point of even checking earlier.
    Hope you'll do just as well with all your other exams!
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