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Last news for synoptic

Hi all,
I would like to ask about synoptic exam that in February 2018. I hear a good news but I’m not sure and I hope aat let us know if correct , Aat will reducing spreadsheets part before 3 tasks but from February will be 2 tasks and also they remove indirect tax . Could you please let me know if that correct?! I hope they make the exam easier and reduce spreadsheets because I didn’t finish my spreadsheets last time I lost 14 marks


  • JF00025JF00025 Registered Posts: 14
    Where did you hear it from if you don't mind me asking? Now we don't know how the questions going to be asked. Are there going to be more questions on ethics for example? Spreadsheet is a huge syllabus on it's own right. They haven't changed the mock exam. Is it written anywhere on AAT website?
  • MultiplicatorMultiplicator Registered Posts: 116
    you should retake anyway zay
    and yes I heard VAT was going to go out
    and spreadsheet was going from 3 to 2
    but as the fella says above - you still have to pass it.

    and whilst I am at it - - god luck to all the retakers for Feb 2018
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    To JF00025 ,
    I hear from my friend , she told me that hear teacher told her. I hope no more ethics because I have problem in it. I hope just reduce question. I will go to ask my teacher soon because I don't like to pay and fail again.

    Multiplicator, I agree with you. I still have to pass it and I am really worried if they add more questions. I don't like to resit and fail again. Good luck for you too
  • JF00025JF00025 Registered Posts: 14
    > @zay1986 said:
    > Indirect tax has definitely been removed. There's a sample assessment on qualifications spec. Good luck
  • zay1986zay1986 Registered Posts: 32
    I see the new synoptic assessment on aat website . I really feel confused they reduced the question but reduced the time too for part 1 . It’s not enough because we need around 20 minuets to finish (typing) the ethics question. I really don’t like to fail again
  • JF00025JF00025 Registered Posts: 14
    I know...back to being the guinea pig again. Sick and tired of resits.
  • AmyDeckerAmyDecker Registered Posts: 1
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